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Know-how and competence

Thanks to the know-how learned from the sputtering metallization of CDs and DVDs, in 2015 we started using this technology for the metallization of cosmetic packaging, perfume caps and spirits caps.

The entire production cycle consists of 4 fully automated line machines:
The production takes place in a HEPA 100 environment, with 2 UV varnishing stations, both for the primer and for the top, guaranteeing a high quality product with the utmost respect for the environment.

The production line consists of
4 stations

Cleaning and Pre-treatment: Ionized blow, mechanical cleaning and flaming prepare the products for the process

Varnishing: with airless technology a UV primer is applied to the product, in order to be able to proceed with the metallization

Metallization: with a load-lock system, which allows you to never lose the vacuum inside the metallization chamber, a layer of metal is "sputtered" on the pieces

Final Varnishing: always with UV varnishes, the finish of the product is determined which can be glossy, opaque or coloured

All production processes respond to strict quality controls

This latest generation production process guarantees the highest quality required in terms of aesthetic and sealing standards.

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